Gunter trying to rack focus while taking a selfie.

Adventure Time— Today on Toy Pizza 

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He-Ate-Us-Meme[1/1] Shocking Moment

The last 20 minutes of season two.

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Emily and David at Comic-Con 2014 (x)

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My life


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Oh, god yes.


I love this “lotion” not because its freshness gives me some relief from pain (it does) but because it looks straight out of attack on Titan! Yeeeeah! You gotta to find something to laugh about when you’re feeling like shit, right?

"You’re not unreliable - your health is."

shout out to all my chronically ill people who get shit for being late, for cancelling, because their health prevents them, and feel like jerks because of it. It’s not your fault. (via runningonspoons)

this is important

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Pythons “Rehearsal”

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Charmander es un Pokémon de tipo fuego. Charmander, como sus evoluciones Charmeleon y Charizard, tiene una pequeña llama en la punta de su cola. 

Alfombrilla de ratón realizada con cuentas Hama Beads Midi.

Trabajo realizado de un padre a un hijo que le gusta todo lo relacionado con POKEMON y en especial a este tipo de Pokemon tipo fuego.

Diseñado y creado por Pixel World Écija.

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