Happy Birthday, Beyonce Amy Poehler! (September 16th)

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Romeo and Juliet

- Oedipus


- Europa

- Apolonas and Dafni

Svetlin Vassilev

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The things that you have done for me to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy, go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.

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Anonymous asked:
Hi Alex! LOVE this blog, and your incredible patience with this fandom. What are some of your favourite non-Caskett-centric fics? Basically, I'm thinking of fics that highlight maybe some of the supporting characters...? Which, if any, have you enjoyed?


Thanks! This is a great ask. 

This is mostly gonna be non-shippy fics if that makes sense. I still will do a B/C with other pairings list later this week as well for the other anons :) Some of these still have B or C in them, but hope this list is ok!

Step and Likewise by FanficwriterGHC are some nice Alexis and Kate bonding fics

brookemopolitan has some nice Alexis centric ones, or ones that explore Alexis and Kate’s relationship: Brick by BrickMeet the Parents, Of Souffle and Walls. As well as this lovely Martha fic The Taming of the Cop, and this Gates fic They Don’t Know She Knows

ekc293 has some awesome other character centric fics. Alexis related fics; A Mother’s Love, Properties of Equality, Strawberry Milkshakes and Equality. Also Don’t Mention It is a nice little Beckett and Espo friendship fic, and Too Tired to Fight It is an Esplanie fic. and she has some lovely Jim fics; So why don’t we go, Watching from the sidelines, The baffled king composing Hallelujah and The Night Their World Stopped Spinning

lousiemcdoogle has done some great other character fics; Memoirs of an Editor is a really nice fic from Gina’s perspective, And A Bottle Makes Two is her lovely recent Jim fic, and Honeymilk and Happiness which is the gorgeous Ryan and Jenny

liviafan1 wrote a gorgeous Jim and Kate at Johanna’s funeral fic; A Break in the Tide

From Paris, With Love by KyinHI is a great Martha centric fic set after Hunt.

You’re A Good Dad Richard Castle by ninabambina is a nice fic of Alexis and Castle through the years

Wrong and Write by International08 is a pretty hilarious Ryan and Espo fic

Father’s Day Cards by Ripper Shipper is a little past fic with Rick and Martha

and along those lines Shena1’s Crack in the Case is another funny R&E one

Forget About the Boy by ifonly13 is another good Alexis one, as well as a Jim fic, Medicine. A story I adore is War Stories which is a Beckett and Ryan friendship pre series fic. once the foundation’s cracked is a great fic exploring Rick and Meredith’s relationship, and Defining Your Career is one from Montgomery’s perspective

Girls in White Dresses by alwayswritewithcoffee is another great Jim fic

The Joy a Child Brings by CalPal052699 is a wonderful fic from Lanie’s perspective

Tomorrow by Ky03elk is a lovely little Esplanie fic from Under Fire

Implausible Deniability by caffinate-me and Kate Christie is a great one from Gates’ perspective

Just Keep Swimming by BerkieLynn is a cute little Alexis fic and Standing at the Beginning With You is another fabulous Ryan and Jenny fic







I thought they put big stencils down and spray painted over them! This blows my mind!

Me too.
Holy shit.


Maaan, there are unappreciated artists everywhere.

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Favorite place? Upstairs, there’s this mural of wildflowers, and I like to sit on the bench in front of it.

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↳ We know where we are with each other.

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The Fanmix Meme

Human Disaster

1. Kurt Baker - Cruel To Be Kind | 2. Say Hi To Your Mom - Your Brains Vs. My Tractorbeam | 3. Noah and the Whale - Just Me Before We Met | 4. REM – Stand | 5. M. Ward – Fool Says | 6. OK Go – It’s A Disaster | 7. The Jam – Batman Theme | 8. Blur – Parklife | 9. Jens Lekman - Kanske Är Jag Kär i Dig | 10. The Lucksmiths - Sunlight in a Jar | 11. The National - Slow Show [Daytotter Version] | 12. Alexi Murdoch - All My Days | 13. Sondre Lerche - To Be Surprised | 14. The Beatles – Real Love BONUS TRACK: Patrick Stewart - A, You’re Adorable

I love LOVE this fanmiz and have been listening to it non stop, thank you very much!!


We love these.

Classic Children’s Books Starring ‘Parks and Rec’ Characters

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"I told my nephew, Amy had to put her hand on my boob because it was on fire."

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